Purchase of Equipment for the Holy Cross Hospital, Karnataka, India


The Holy Cross Hospital is run by the Society of Sisters of the Holy Cross, Central Indian Province.

This Hospital, located in Jyothinagar, Chikkamagaluru, in Karnataka State, performs surgery, mostly for poor and middle class people.

It is  a non-profit making Institution. The members of the religious congregation who work in this Institution do so as volunteers. No patient is refused the necessary treatment for economic reasons. It is a place of relief for marginalised people who live in impoverished conditions.  The Friendly hand has supported the hospital replacing a broken  C Arm Machine and also buying new surgical material, a motorised stretcher, special equipment for surgeries and several air-conditioning units.

In 1979 the Sisters started a small 12 bed hospital.  This was a godsend to the  poor migrant labourers working in and around the district in coffee estates and to people from the local scheduled castes and scheduled tribes who could not afford to go to private hospitals. Meanwhile, the Government hospitals could not cope with the patients nor did they have modern equipment. Due to the great influx of patients, the Sisters had no other alternative but to construct a new multi speciality 100 bed hospital in 1999. Today this hospital deals with around 75 to 90 outpatients and an average of 50 to 60 inpatients every day. Besides resident specialist doctors, there are a number of visiting specialist doctors.

The  hospital provides  a comprehensive range of services, including emergency care, inpatient, outpatient and surgical services. The facilities and services are staffed by nursing students who graduate from the nursing school. Besides, many local people are also employed in the hospital. Their aim is to provide quality health care for persons of all races, nationalities and socioeconomic backgrounds. 



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November 27, 2021