Saint Jeanne Jugan, Founder of the Congregation of the Little Sisters of the Poor, was born in France in the year 1792. In 1839, she was inspired by God to give up her own bed for a poor, blind and infirm old lady to start the great work God had in His plan. She opened the door of her heart and her home to many others. The need arose to establish more and more homess for the destitue in whom she saw the image of God Himself. She often used to say that: “The poor are our Lord” The Little Sisters continue the vision of their Founder in caring solely for the materially poor old people.

We, the little Sisters of the poor, run a home for elderly destitute people. We welcome into our Home poor men and women over the age of 65, from any caste, creed and religion. We provide food, clothing, shelter, medical care and we try to make the elderly feel happy and comfortable in the closing years of their life.

We have 13 homes in India. Our home at Erode -Thindal was started in 1986 with four sisters and ten poor elderly ladies. With the help of the local donors we built the present home. We currently care for 132 old people. We have no government or external help. Our Home is run by public charity, thanks to the benefactors to whom we are sincerely grateful.

Every day two Sisters go out on their collecting rounds to houses, shops, Schools,offices, factories business enterprises. The people of Erode and the surrounding areas have been very generous in helping us to take care of the elderly. Being a charitable institution, all donations to the Home are exempt. (Tax Exemption No. U/s 80G. of I.T. Act 1961 )

Your generous contribution to put up solar heaters for our old people has enabled them to have hot shower every day so so comfortably. The 132 inhabitants think of you with grateful hearts and remember you every day in their prayers as well. The sisters too are extremely happy to have installed these systems for the poor old people.