Every year from January to March, through the coldest months, St Mary’s hosts a Winter Night Shelter organised by C4WS.  http://www.c4wshomelessproject.org/

The Night Shelter is a bridging point for people moving into settled accommodation and offers members of the local community the chance to find common ground with people who find themselves homeless. 

Also at St, Mary’s, we collaborate with the project Mums and Tots. Parents and toddlers have the chance to relax, make new friends in  supervised play activities, and take refreshments. 

Meanwhile, the Magdalene Centre at the same church offers bingo with refleshments at half time, as well as gardening for older people, and the possibility of a little financial help for basic needs from time to time.

The Parish of St Pancras runs a project of school education trips which offers annual youth residential holidays affordable to all.