The Homeless Shelter, in Jaen, Perú, has a day center for homeless people to wash their clothes, rest and do some socialising and eat. After this, they often want to leave because they do not generally want to get off the street. One exception are those who are there for health reasons, job loss etc.. who are often open to offers of reintegration.

The Night centre runs from 7 pm when people can start arriving. They can have dinner, and have time to watch Tv and go to bed. Breackfast is at 6.15 am, after they leave again.

For those who stay, there is a psychological support program and a search for their possible reintegration.

The house is staffed throughout the day by someone who can admit people conditionally, until their case has been studied.

The person in charge is Pilar Fernandez Heredia, a Spanish nun who belongs to the Sacred Heart ( Coordinator of the pastoral care of the Vicariate of San Francisco Javier).