About us

We are a British Charity wich acts worldwide  as a helping and friendly hand to cover all kinds of needs

What We do

We aim to relieve poverty throughout the world and in particular in India, Peru, Spain and the United Kingdom

Areas of work

We give grants to those who are disadvantaged, offering financial support to organisations and individuals

Featured Projects

Homeless Shelter , Jaén, Perú

The Homeless Shelter, in Jaen, Perú, has a day center for homeless people to wash their clothes, rest and do some socialising and eat. After this, they often want to leave because they do not generally want to get off the street. One exception are those who are...

Support for Jesuit meal centres in Cusco, Peru

Given the scarce financial resources of the population, and particularly rural communities' difficulties in providing proper nutrition for their children, it was necessary to reinforce the Jesuits parish meal centres project in the district of Urcos and Huaro, in...

The Parish of Old St Pancras

The Friendly hand está colaborando con las iglesias de la Iglesia de Inglaterra en Camdem manteniendo un refugio nocturno de invierno en funcionamiento, un programa para madres y niños pequeños que combina entretenimiento y formación en valores cristianos (St,...