Little Flower School is located in the village of  Chakalakonda, where it is known as a centre of  learning. It is surrounded by 27 remote villages. The areas that benefit from this project were deprived of modern education for more than a century and after studying this situation the diocese started the school in 2011, in a temporary shed. A few years later, 575 village children are now learning under the care of  Father M.Balaswamy. This school was started with a view to empowering rural girls and boys in English, giving them a quality education in 7 R’s ( Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Rights, Responsabilities, Relationships and Recreation)

Chakalakonda is an area known for seasonal migration for between 5 and 7 months, as families migrate to distant villages in search of work. This is one of the main reasons for the notorious level of school dropout in this part of the Nellore district. This School aims to overcome the need for migration, by educating the children. The beneficiaries are the rural poor, regardless of their religion. 

The Friendly hand provided the furniture for 12 classrooms in the school, that was built by the support of the James Percy Foundation.