Who are we?

Mano Amiga ( Friendly Hand in Barcelona ) is a secular association of people whose philosophy is based on Christian morality. It is a private, non-profit entity with its ownd legal personality, inscribed on the Register of Associations of the Generalitat of Catalonia 

Friendly Hand is dedicated to serving the multiple needs of low-income families, old people and children.

We  give training to our volunteers and we try to adapt our activity to social changes while at the same time providing good quailty care.
We collaborate with other organisations, and public and private services.

As Christians we have a relationship with the parishes wich means that those persons who desire it can receive spiritual assistance. 

What we offer

Religious and economic assistance and guidance. Help with problems within the family, concerning the present and the future of the children

Work groups

Food: Weekly food distribution to families in the are that have been quialified as needy by the relevant municipal services 

Clothing: Distribution of clothing among these needy families. This distribution is made weekly, after clothes have been collected, sorted and prepared by Mano Amiga’s team.

Social Assistance to meet specific needs and numerous cases and to the extent that public institutions, social services and private entities cannot respond to them, in whole or in part. These include, among other items: rents; debts; medical needs or glasses; the result of job loss or illness… The reception team always contacts the social services in the area. It tries, after analysing the situation, to offer appropriate help. It always seeks collaboration with the social services that are responsible for ongoing social assistance, and to supplement their work in the manner and with the frequency that is appropriate in each case. 

This activity takes place in the Parish of San Agustin del Raval, in coordination with the central departments of the Roger de Lluria, 95.

Attention to the elderly: In the  San Josep home for the elderly, of the Albà Foundation in Vall d’Hebron, residents are cared for through visits, entertainment events, etc. At the same time, the institution has been helped with financial support to improve the facilities. The specific events we have organised include the following:

In May, Mano Amiga organises a o pilgrimage to Montserrat for these elderly people;

Around  Christmas time, the association organises a party at the residence with snacks;

Moreover, over the year, volunteers from Helping Hand provide company and the humanitarian aid necessary for the elderly who are in the home 

Solidarity Micro-credit: In the Parish of Sagrada Familia, there is a program of micro credits, aimed at meeting  economic needs, for specific circumstances and for a limited time, that are faced by  certain individuals and families, who due to special conditions cannot obtain financing from credit institutions, banks or savings banks, or in many cases from the city’s social services.

Helping hand studies each case and presents a proposal to resolve it.

These are always interest-free loans with repayment terms negociated so that repayments are manageable by the beneficiary, but never drag out for an unreasonable time.

Social work: In the area of Sagrada Familia, timely financial assistance is offered to people without resources and who have just arrived in the country: they are given food and bus cards and financial aid to enable them to seek work

Solidarity scholarship: Members and friends of Mano Amiga assume, on an annual basis, the educational sponsorship of children so as to cover fully or in part their food and educational fees at grant aided or private schools, thus fulfilling the will of certain parents for a schooling where Catholic education is guaranteed.

It also assists in the financing of holidays or school camping trips for underprivileged children.

Other activities: Collaboration with the Sisters of Charity  at the Parish of Our Lady of the Port (Zona franca) in relation to their activity in various welfare activities (prisoners, the elderly). Participation in weekly meetings that are held with older people in the chapel of El Carmen, with snack and prayers (Holy Rosary). They also attend the pilgrimage to Montserrat.

Religious education: Children catechesis, preparation for  First Communion with volunteers from Helping Hand.